I have VidCutter 4.0.0 64bit running under Windows 10 with Creator update. Firstly, let me say that my brief experience has shown it to be an excellent program: simple to use, no no lengthy waiting for re-encoding to happen, no worries that the formatting has been changed. However I have found one glitch connected with the frame number display. It will be easiest to set out the problem in steps.

1) Open Media & load an MP4 file of 528 frames.
2) The time shows as 00:00:00 and the frame position as 0/528.
3) Move on timeline to frame 100 & select Start Clip. The frame number shows 100/528.
4) Move to frame 150 & select End Clip. The frame number shows 150/528.
5) Load a new MP4 file of 480 frames via Open Media. This is where the problem occurs. I am at the beginning of the file and the time shows 00:00:00. However, the frame number shows 100/480. Until I move past frame 100 the frame number remains stuck at this. The time display and the picture on the screen seem perfectly normal, in fact everything except the frame count seems to be working.
6) The only way to clear the frame number problem is to close VidCutter and then restart it before loading a new file.

Has anyone had a similar problem? I would hate to have to stop using such an excellent program.