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  1. H* ****

    I have installed the Debugmode frameserver "codec" and it is visible from my dinosaur NLE.
    I wonder if is possible to encode directly in FFMPEG using DMFS as "bridge"

    How to configure it for use with ffmpeg? If I try to export using this codec, is produced a small .avi file unplayable


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  2. Just feed the Debugmode frameserved AVI file directly to ffmpeg (or whatever else you want to use).
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  3. No you can't . That's "internal use" . It's the same with DMFS entry in vdub's compression menu

    You need a custom exporter plugin. You'd have to contact the author
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  4. Image
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    I can try to contact the author but I suppose what he say: "i need the SDK of **** *****"
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