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  1. how can i make drag an drop batch file for a YOUTUBE-DL.exe, it seems that forefox doesnt link the name
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    Collect the movie URLs in a text file
    youtube-dl --batch-file batchvideos.txt
    or download a YT-playlist
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  3. This isn't drag and drop but it's very easy. You can copy the url to the clipboard then double click on a bat file to download with youtube-dl.

    1) Download from this link: . Put clipboard.exe in the same folder as youtube-dl.exe.

    2) Extract _cb2ytdl.bat from the attached zip file and put it in the same folder as youtube-dl.exe.

    To download a file right click on the URL in the browser's address bar and select Copy (to clipboard). Then double click on _cb2ytdl.bat. You should see youtube-dl downloading the file in the CLI that pops open. The batch file muxes the "best" (the defaults for youtube-dl) video and audio streams into an mkv file. You can change the batch file if you want another container or other options.

    I've updated the original batch file to allow for multiple simultaneous downloads.
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  4. Oops, duplicate post.
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    This isn't drag and drop either, but it is a good solution though

    Edit: sorry i misinterpreted your first line..
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  6. >This isn't drag and drop
    I see it was glad to know.
    I thought i had a wrong problem, so i wanted to ask it here, but i think my solution was better.

    i didnt want to isolate the youtube address string for copying and pasting, i too often clipboard-copy the the whole page instead.
    because once i isolate it, i can simply use "set /p input=" in a batch

    since win OS and webpage doesnt link http:// page directly
    you just need to drag the youtube address to the desktop and drop it there
    and then drag that URL file over YOUTUBE-DL.BAT, then everything is done.

    YOUTUBE-DL.BAT simply removes the URL header and URL=, then pass the address as a variable to process.

    you must change 2 things in a YOUTUBE-DL.BAT,

    * the location of YOUTUBE-DL.exe
    * where to download

    YOUTUBE-DL.BAT is below


    SET P1=C:\Programs\YOUTUBE-DL\youtube-dl.exe
    SET P2=%P1%

    SetLocal EnableExtensions EnableDelayedExpansion

    SET "K1=%*"

    FOR /F "DELIMS=" %%V IN ('TYPE %K1%') DO (
    SET "VV=%%V"

    SET "W1=%VV:~4%"

    REM ----------------------------------

    ECHO %P1%
    ECHO !W1!
    ECHO %P1% !W1!

    CD M:\

    REM -----------------------------------
    REM -----------------------------------

    %P1% !W1!


    REM -----------------------------------
    REM -----------------------------------

    %P2% !W1!


    ECHO Done
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  7. Oops, wrong thread.
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