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  1. I have captured a video stream from android phone.
    The app recorded audio through microphone not from internal .
    I want to edit the audio to make it sounds like " it is recorded from internal " (eg. reduce echo)
    Is there any way to do this in Vegas?
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    Import both the video clip and sound effects clips,
    drop the video clip on the timeline at the beginning,
    Add extra audio tracks and add the sfx clips to those tracks,
    Slip & slide the sfx while auditioning to sync up the 2 audios (could be more than 2 but best to just compare 2 at a time),
    Repeat track adding if you are wanting multiple layers,
    Butt up next clip, then pull back tail of last clip so you have room to slip the next clip,
    Once done with that later clip bring back the earlier clip tail to butt against it,
    Trim the sfx & add fades etc to make nice transitions between clips,
    Either mix balance between orig audio and sfx, or just mute orig if it is so bad,
    Then export/render the finished work and remux it with the original video (or render & export both at the same time if your nle can smartrender the vid).
    Btw, I recommend spotting using visual/percussive cues with clear quick rise times and distinct peaks (even when distant or muffled in orig audio).
    For the orig audio it is hard to make judgement without hearing, but suffice to say you can't turn a sow's ear into a silk purse, nor get blood out of a stone, you are likely just "polishing a turd". Distant or echoey sound is near impossible to improve, mainly because the sounds you are trying to remove is only a slightly modified version of the sound you would be wanting to keep.

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  3. Thanks Cornucopia . Thanks a lot
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