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  1. I'm trying to learn the various advance setting in staxrip , avs script etc with the help of google but i'm unable to find anything in which i can learn them precisely. i know that for a perfect encode , you must have to know these script settings.
    So if you know some ways to learn it , than pls share here.
    Thank you very much.
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    This is a pretty good beginner's guide:

    But video encoding is quite complex and there's no one perfect set of parameters. Each video is different.
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  3. As far as AVS scripts go, there's no advanced settings as such. Avisynth is a frame server. It can be used to manipulate video (and audio) in all sorts of ways via internal filters and external plugins, so it depends what you're wanting to achieve. Everyone wants the perfect encode, but each source will probably require different filtering, or no filtering etc, and much of what you'd use in that respect often comes down to personal taste.
    There's lots of information on using AVisynth and creating your own scripts here.
    You can add Avisynth plugins to Staxrip yourself (although it comes with many already preconfigured). The process of adding them to StaxRip is another story again. Someone who uses StaxRip will hopefully come along and help you there if you need it.

    Encoder settings are a different thing too, but for the x264 encoder at least, generally you'd just pick an appropriate tuning and speed preset and select your desired quality (via a CRF value). There's no need to fiddle with individual advanced settings yourself. No doubt StaxRip gives you access to the relevant encoder settings. Most GUI's also have some sort of system for automatically encoding for a specific device if need be, so (for example) for Bluray compliant encoding you'd choose the Bluray preset and the appropriate encoder settings are adjusted accordingly. I can't remember if Staxrip has a similar system. It probably does.
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