I recently upgraded from Avid Studio to Pinnacle 21 Plus. The interface is very similar and I have been able to create a disk project somewhat easily. When I export the movie to a blu ray disk, the software creates an image for the entire movie (I can see the disk menu and all the chapters play). However, after the disk is done and I play it, the disk menu does not display and only the last chapter plays (automatically). How do I get the disk menu to work?

I am also confused by the project size. On the Export screen the Estimated Project Size is 30.72. But, the Used Space bar only indicates 50% used. Is the project too large for a 25 GB blu ray disk? Or, am I interpreting this information incorrectly? If yes, what, if anything, can I do to compress the clips so they will fit on the disk?

For projects I created in Avid Studio, I would create and image and burn the image. In Pinnacle, when I attempt to burn the image, I am prompted to locate the image file. I cannot find an "image" file. I have created a separate folder for the image file to help locate it. There are several files placed in this folder when I create an image. How do you know what file to select when you burn the image?

Thanks, in advance, for your assistance.