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  1. I've been using WinxDVD for awhile but not completely satisfied and looking for other alternatives. Here's what I need to do:
    Convert home recorded DVDs of B&W Movies recorded from Cable via Tivo and later burned to DVD (i.e. Video_TS VOB format)
    Once ripped add them to my Plex Media Server database
    Using Windows 10 machine i7-4700MQ CPU 2.4GHz, 8 GIG Ram
    Plex Media server running on Roku 3 player

    I tried Handbrake but could not use because DVDs were encrypted (?) or Handbrake did not recognize the format.

    I tried DVDs that I own (i.e. seasons of Psych TV Show) and quality of the mp4 files were not good using WinxDVD.
    Also, sometimes Winx will just stop during a conversion or after completed when I try to play the mp4 file, the file will not play.

    I'm very new to this - any help would be most appreciated!
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    As they are low quality and already converted to DVD (ie: mpeg2), don't waste your time converting them again (ie: handbrake or any other converter) and further reducing the quality.

    Use MakeMKV. It will simply place the video/audio into an mkv container. No conversion takes place, thus no loss of quality.

    DVD's that you created and burned have no encryption. So any software can read/copy the contents. Try copying the disc contents to your HDD, and then running the conversion.
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