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    I made a Solar Eclipse timelapse using an astro tracker. The video is jerky due to the mount not perfectly aligned and not designed for a camera.
    Its basically sun near the center, and rest of the frame is black.
    What is the best way to stabilize this?

    Here is the video stabilized with youtube.
    Is it possible to stabilize it such that sun does not move at all
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  2. I just tried to find an old (10 years ago) thread in the Sony forum where we talked about this, but failed to find it. Time lapse stabilization is a little different from normal stabilization because the time lapse tends to have very abrupt, discrete jerks when you move the camera between frames.

    If you want to keep the sun in the same position, you could use Deshaker and then tell it to only use the sun as the reference. If you Google my name (John Meyer) and "Deshaker" you should still be able to find the guide I wrote for that software a dozen years ago. The current version is a little different, but the settings to get it to only use a part of the frame for stabilization should work. You'll also find, at the end of that guide, a hint for how to make the software force the image to not move at all, even if it creates huge borders. Since your background should be black, or at least fairly uniform, this should work really well.


    I went looking for my old tutorial, and the change in Google's search algorithms the past two years sure makes it hard to find this sort of thing. I did find this version:

    A Guide to Using DeShaker

    [edit]You have to click on "2" rather than "next" to get to the 2nd page. If you do, you'll find this key sentence: "One possible use, suggested by one user, is to set the horizontal, vertical, and rotational motion smoothness settings to -1 ... this causes Deshaker to never move the camera from its original position, even if it means moving the video violently and destroying the edges."
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