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  1. Occasionally SubRip-1.56.1 loses the incremental timing in subtitles so I go from 1 hr. 30 minutes in one subtitle to 5 seconds in the next, resulting in overlap with the beginning of the movie and the last ~1/2 hour of the movie.

    Easy to fix, I just add ~ 1 hr. 30 minutes to every subtitle after the glitch. But it's annoying.

    Any thoughts?

    Only happens occasionally and (so far) only for longer movies.

    I use smartripper and extract the subs to separate VOBs before using subrip. No real reason for using separate VOBs other than habit (I read somewhere they give better synchronization).

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  2. Try use Subtitle Edit
    by File -> Import subtitles from DVD
    better from SubRip not updated 2 years
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  3. Will do and will report back. It may be a while since subrip only had occasional errors, so the comparison will take some time.

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  4. Well I tried Subtitle Edit for ripping subs and didn't like it.

    Wouldn't accept a separate VOB which contained the subtitles (a SmartRipper feature) and therefore Subtitle Edit needed to parse each separate VOB, taking forever.

    Also, I didn't see an option that would allow me to bypass having to enter the OCR characters. Boring. With Subrip there's an extensive library of OCR characters (called Blood) so you don't have to do any data entry except in a very few ambiguous cases (e.g., two characters touching each other).

    It may just be a case of having to better learn Subtitle Edit for ripping. But I'm too old for that, so I'm sticking with Subrip.

    My original request therefore stands. Anyone know how to avoid the overlaps with Subrip?


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  5. It probably comes from having 2 different VOB IDs making up the video. As a result, the timings start all over when it switches from the first to the second. It happens from time to time. I see it myself. You can confirm or disprove that theory by opening the right IFO in PGCDemux and choosing 'By VOB id'. It'll show 2 or more. As a side benefit, the length of the first VOB ID should tell you how much to delay the subs when the timings start over.

    It's nothing, really, to do with SubRip but more about how the DVD is structured.

    I use smartripper and extract the subs to separate VOBs before using subrip.
    I didn't understand what you were saying there. The subs are already in the VOBs to begin with. But if it's an extra step, it's one step too many. Any reason for not just opening the IFO in SubRip after you've decrypted the DVD to the hard drive?

    To answer your question, there's no way to avoid the problem as far as I know, As you mentioned, it's no big deal.
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  6. thanks manono,
    SmartRipper extracts the subtitles into a separate VOB without slowing down the ripping process. This VOB can be read into SubRip or SubTitleEdit almost instantaneously, no need to parse each individual VOB. In the case of SubRip since it has pre-canned OCR images the entire subtitle creation process takes less than 30 seconds (if all goes well).

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