Hello, i have an MKV movie that is in 6 channel audio AAC ive converted using pavtube which works fine there is audio for the background e.g music, but there is no voice audio. In the vob profile for PAL it only supports 2 channel stereo. Other movies are fine using MP3 audio to AC3. Ive looked on pavtubes website which is good but only covers ac3 output to different formats like h264, mepg4 etc it doesnt mention about vob for dvd in the uk. Do i need to extract the AAC audio then convert seperately then mux back ?. I think the issue here is the AAC audio in 6 channel.
Any advice would be helpful. P.S i can encode to mpeg2 no problems all audio works fine but its not in vob format so i cant authour with my dvd program.