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  1. I am trying desperately to sync 2 audio language files and the related video. The video comes only with italian language audio but I had a version in my language in horrible quality on VHS. I have ripped the audio from that VHS but I cannot succeed in getting both audio files in sync.

    Is there any tool that could help me with this job ?

    Thanks !
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  2. Audacity -> Effect -> Change speed
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  3. Yes, I tried the same with Wavelab but without success after hours...
    I was hoping for a tool that allows me to switch back and forth between both languages while showing the video and that would allow me to set stretch-markers or something similar...
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  4. Open the video in VirtualDub FilterMod and select 'save WAV' from the File drop down menu.

    If necessary, convert the ripped audio file from your VHS to the same WAV format. You can then open both files in Audacity multitrack mode and see both audio files together. Edit the VHS file to match the wav file from the video. As you will be able to see both complete audio files next to each other, it should makeit easier to match them.
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