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  1. I was a heartbeat away from buying a HiMedia Q10 Pro which is everything that I'm looking for in a media player, except for one small pitfall: it doesn't actually decode any of the HD audio formats (except for downmixing it to 2 channels, lol). My receiver does not decode DTS-HD MA or Dolby TrueHD and I do not wish to replace it, so the entire reason for buying a media player is to separate the amplifying from the decoding.

    So back to the drawing board it is. I would appreciate your input on finding my ultimate media player, bearing in mind that, if it wasn't for the problem mentioned, the HiMedia Q10 Pro would have been it.

    Important requirements are:
    - Playback of 4k, h.265, 10bit HDR, mkv
    - DECODES (not passthrough) at least multichannel DTS-HD MA, TrueHD so that it passes 7.1 pcm to the receiver via HDMI
    - A cool display like the one on the Q10 Pro would be nice
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    Nvidia Shield TV.

    It will decode anything you through at it along with Kodi as your Media Player. It's powerful so it won't have trouble playing back 4K HDR, it can output and playback 10bit HDR and can decode DTS:X and Dolby Audio which each come with a lossless track respectively.
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