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    I switched from MPC-HC to MPC-BE on my living room computer awhile ago because it seems to be getting more active development. I figured they were functionally equivalent, and they were... until I started trying to play MKV files with EAC3 (Dolby Digital Plus) audio tracks.

    I've got both MPC apps set to bitstream everything it can, so that my receiver can decode it and play it properly through my surround setup. With MPC-BE, all of the EAC3 files I've played seem to send silence to the receiver. It recognizes a EAC3 audio stream, as evidenced by the "Dolby Digital+" text on its display, but there's no actual audio. DTS and AC3 work fine, so it's not a more generalized problem with MPC-BE's bitstreaming feature.

    Meanwhile, MPC-HC plays these same files just fine, and the receiver decodes and plays the EAC3 streams just as I'd expect. (It also plays fine in MPC-BE if I turn off bitstreaming for EAC3 and have it decode, but then it's downmixed to stereo, which is no good).

    Is there a known issue that my google-fu failed to find? Is there a known solution, aside from either switching back to MPC-HC (which appears to have been semi-officially discontinued in July) or using "Open with..." for any such files, and manually piping them to MPC-HC instead of MPC-BE?
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  2. Are you using Internal Filters? If so, check if passthrough for E-AC3 is enabled in Options>Internal Filters>Audio Decoder>Audio decoder configuration.
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  3. I have the same problem. The internal LAV Audio Filter is set to bitstream both EAC3 and AC3. However during playback EAC3 tracks are only detected as AC3 and the AVR says Dolby D rather than Dolby D+. Disabling bitstreaming for EAC3 does also not make it fall back to software - it continues bitstreaming. However disabling AC3 bitstreaming makes it decode the EAC3 track (as AC3).

    I suspect there is some bitstreaming flag for EAC3 which is only being set to AC3 because the filter is incorrectly detecting it as AC3.
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  4. MPC-BE doen‘t have internal LAV Filters. MPC-HC has.
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    Official, conformance Dolby stream - quite old but should be sufficient to verify functionality. Hope Dolby will not kill me...

    btw it will be deleted after 8 hr period so it is there till midnight.
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  6. Apparently the issue stems from ffmpeg itself. If the E-AC3 track is from a Blu-ray, it cannot be bitstreamed or decoded as E-AC3.
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