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  1. I know the theoretical background about HDR and color depth. I can also play some clips with the integrated player of my TV.

    But how do I play HDR content with a software media player or media center?
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    HDR on a PC requires a combination of hardware and software. I'm not sure how well Dolby Vision is supported on PCs. There is some support for HDR10. You need:

    1. HDR-capable TV or monitor.

    2. Windows 10 w/Creators Update.

    3. A video card with HDMI 2.0a or HDMI 2.0b and HDR10 support. ...or a motherboard with HDMI 2.0a/2.0b and HDR10 support. NVidia 10xx series video cards have HDMI 2.0b and HDR10 support. So do AMD Radeon RX 400-series video cards. A few Intel Z270 motherboards can provide HDMI 2.0a/2.0b and support HDR10. No AMD motherboards provide HDMI 2.0a/HDMI 2.0b at this time.

    4. A video player with HDR 10 support. Potplayer and Power DVD 17 Ultra are supposed to support HDR. I think there is possibly a way to support HDR10 using Kodi plus MPC-HC and MadVR. I'm not sure of the details.

    [Edit]I found this after I posted:
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  3. Thank you
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