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  1. I have two movies from different files that I want to combine. But ...... DVD shrink doesn't work on Windows 10 and I have no idea what to do now.

    Ideas please?
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  2. If you couldn't use DVD Shrink, then these files are DVDs?

    And, if so, what are you trying to do? Create a single DVD from the original two DVDs? Perhaps with a basic menu to choose one or the other? If so, AvsToDVD can do what you want without reencoding the source DVDs. And if you want to shrink the DVDs (to, say, fit on a single DVD5), it can do that as well, and better than DVD Shrink.

    if that's not it then please explain.
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  3. Its for my kids. Just two movies to one movie, all on dvd, no menu necessary.

    I hope that helps.

    one DVD5 file would be great. Sorry if my terminology sucks. I'm not the most technological person in the world.
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  4. Are you sure DVD Shrink doesn't work under Win 10? It starts up just fine. I don't have anything to test it with though. What exactly isn't working?
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