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  1. Hello.
    Who can help. I bought the Vob2mpg pro version some years ago and used always with success.
    This days I had to re-install my PC (win7) and also all the software including Vob2mpg pro.

    After installation I open the programm and put in my registered mail and my serial number when asked:

    Then I get the message:

    Please wait a few seconds whilst your machine license is generated...

    Unable to connect to the Registration server.

    Please click the 'Back' button followed by the 'Next' button to try again.

    I tried several times, but no way to run it again.

    I wrote an email to "them", but until now no answer.

    Anyone knows what to do?

    thanks in advance
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  2. Hello.
    Thanks for answering, but no way to install
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  3. I got an email today from Chris (Badger IT):

    Hi ....
    There was a problem with the registration server that is now resolved. Can you please try again?
    Kind regards, Chris

    Now the registration worked well - everything is alright !
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