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  1. I want to know how the internal structures of the following two MPEG-4 TS files are different and why the Windows file explorer shell can display the metadata for one, but not the other. The only difference between them I know of is that they were recorded with different versions of NextPVR, but for some strange reason, the Windows file explorer shell is displaying the metadata (time length, resolution, etc) for only one of them and this is causing the evil green loading bar to appear whenever I view the folder containing these files.

    This episode of King of the Hill was recorded with NextPVR 3.6.6 on August 7th, and is available here for your examination:

    This episode of King of the Hill was recorded with NextPVR 4.0.4 on August 8th, and is available here for your examination:

    Notice how the video metadata is missing in the file properties, which causes the Windows file explorer to lag with the dreaded green loading bar of doom whenever I attempt to view the contents of the folder containing the video file.

    The creator of NextPVR insists that it's a problem with my TS playback components and not his software, but unless his software changes the TS playback components on the computer with its installation, it was only NextPVR itself that changed, not my TS playback components. I want to know what NextPVR 4.0.4 is doing to these recordings that's causing Windows to no longer be able to display their video metadata and eat up processing power trying to before giving up.

    That's why I'm posting it on this forum, because I'm hoping someone more familiar with the internal structure of these files and how Windows derives the metadata from them can tell me what's going on and how this problem can be fixed.
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