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  1. Greetings,,

    What I need to know is how do I sync my subtitles with the audio language? I have been using MKV Merge, but to no avail, after muxing, the audio and text are not in sync. I use Formal Factory to hardcode the subtitles so that they will display on a DVD after burning.

    I basically just need to sync the subtitles. Is Subtitle Edit my best bet for this?

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    That's what I use. The audio waveform display makes it a snap.
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    Click image for larger version

Name:	sinc.JPG
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ID:	43007I use Potplayer-64 Bits, I time the subs and then I save the file, but keep an original copy.
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  4. Originally Posted by jarod1005 View Post
    I use Formal Factory to hardcode the subtitles so that they will display on a DVD after burning.
    Normal people don't burn them into the video but make the subtitles selectable. Hardcoding subs unnecessarily degrades the video.

    Where did you get these subs? There's a fair chance you have a PAL<->NTSC problem. That is, the subs may have come from one and need to be converted to the other. Perhaps with a delay added as well.

    Did you try out JVRaines' suggestion? I also synch up subtitles by using an audio waveform (but using SubStation Alpha).
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  5. Subtitle Edit or Subtitle Workshop are good programs to help you sync your subtitles.
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  6. Thanks, I will try them all. I have subtitle edit and avidemux. The timing of the text and audio will be my toughest task.
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    Aegisub is what I use.
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