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  1. Hello,

    I just realised today that my blue ray reader Panasonic DMP-BDT460 does not recognise any disc I insert into it. It does not even try to read any disk and then fail, it's just stopped seeing any disk inside. I insert a disc and immediately it reports "No Disc". It is not an old blue ray player, We bough it about 3 years ago.

    Any idea what could go wrong? Perhaps there is an easy solution for that. I am asking just in case there might be. I am really disappointed with Panasonic because it cost us quite a bit and this is not no label device.

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    I would open the tray and blow compressed air inside as dust does get inside (even when closed), because your exhaust fans do suck air through the drive. Most people never clean it because they never think to. It's fixed issues with my old DVD burner about a year ago, when I got DVD+R blanks but they never burned right and ended up wasting like 10 discs before cleaning the drive. Worked great after.

    Also might as well clean the rest of your tower too.

    Edit: Did not realize it's a set-top box Blu-ray player for the TV, but it still might be dusty.
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    also try unplugging the player and let it sit for an hour,
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