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  1. please cats I wonder if, during executing of a batch is there a way to let appear and display a small independent window that notify some informations of enviroment variable internal the batch

    for example: "... Processing xyz.mp4"
    "Processing ok" ecc...

    is it possible? thanks
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    quite simple use the echo command to output text to the screen at the lines you need it.

    like this

    echo command1 succeeded very well
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  3. Originally Posted by jan5678 View Post
    quite simple use the echo command to output text to the screen
    He asked for a separate window:

    Originally Posted by marcorocchini View Post
    display a small independent window
    I don't know any way to do this. But it shouldn't be too hard to create a task that displays messages above the System Tray.
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  4. Echo >> to a file that you have open with cmtrace.exe.
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    Sorry i missed the separate part..
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    start cmd /k echo Processing %currentFile%
    But this will give you a new window for every message. Each shell session can have one and only one window.
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  7. Originally Posted by JVRaines View Post
    Each shell session can have one and only one window.
    Let me guess the reply

    [Attachment 42489 - Click to enlarge]
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  8. mmm I'm feel surrounded

    [Attachment 42490 - Click to enlarge]
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  9. Did cmtrace.exe do what you want?
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  10. I think you searching for comand 'START',

    for example:

    start "FFMPEG" /high /B /MIN ffmpeg
    Starts a separate window to run a specified program or command.
    START ["title"] [/D path] [/I] [/MIN] [/MAX] [/SEPARATE | /SHARED]
          [/AFFINITY <hex affinity>] [/WAIT] [/B] [command/program]
        "title"     Title to display in  window title bar.
        path        Starting directory
        B           Start application without creating a new window. The
                    application has ^C handling ignored. Unless the application
                    enables ^C processing, ^Break is the only way to interrupt
                    the application
        I           The new environment will be the original environment passed
                    to the cmd.exe and not the current environment.
        MIN         Start window minimized
        MAX         Start window maximized
        SEPARATE    Start 16-bit Windows program in separate memory space
        SHARED      Start 16-bit Windows program in shared memory space
        LOW         Start application in the IDLE priority class
        NORMAL      Start application in the NORMAL priority class
        HIGH        Start application in the HIGH priority class
        REALTIME    Start application in the REALTIME priority class
        ABOVENORMAL Start application in the ABOVENORMAL priority class
        BELOWNORMAL Start application in the BELOWNORMAL priority class
        AFFINITY    The new application will have the specified processor
                    affinity mask, expressed as a hexadecimal number.
        WAIT        Start application and wait for it to terminate
                    If it is an internal cmd command or a batch file then
                    the command processor is run with the /K switch to cmd.exe.
                    This means that the window will remain after the command
                    has been run.
                    If it is not an internal cmd command or batch file then
                    it is a program and will run as either a windowed application
                    or a console application.
        parameters  These are the parameters passed to the command/program
    NOTE: The SEPERATE and SHARED options are not supported on 64-bit platforms.
    If Command Extensions are enabled, external command invocation
    through the command line or the START command changes as follows:
    non-executable files may be invoked through their file association just
        by typing the name of the file as a command.  (e.g.  WORD.DOC would
        launch the application associated with the .DOC file extension).
        See the ASSOC and FTYPE commands for how to create these
        associations from within a command script.
    When executing an application that is a 32-bit GUI application, CMD.EXE
        does not wait for the application to terminate before returning to
        the command prompt.  This new behavior does NOT occur if executing
        within a command script.
    When executing a command line whose first token is the string "CMD "
        without an extension or path qualifier, then "CMD" is replaced with
        the value of the COMSPEC variable.  This prevents picking up CMD.EXE
        from the current directory.
    When executing a command line whose first token does NOT contain an
        extension, then CMD.EXE uses the value of the PATHEXT
        environment variable to determine which extensions to look for
        and in what order.  The default value for the PATHEXT variable
        Notice the syntax is the same as the PATH variable, with
        semicolons separating the different elements.
    When searching for an executable, if there is no match on any extension,
    then looks to see if the name matches a directory name.  If it does, the
    START command launches the Explorer on that path.  If done from the
    command line, it is the equivalent to doing a CD /D to that path.
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  11. Originally Posted by jagabo View Post
    Did cmtrace.exe do what you want?
    really I cannot find in anyplace this CMtrace.exe: seems that included in a Configuration Manager 2012 SP1 Toolkit that don't exist in Microsoft site
    I have download ConfigMgrTools.msi but is there not included.

    I don't know
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  12. So using a program like BareTail you can watch a log file being updated in real time:

    Now in your batch script, echo whatever >> logfile and hopefully BareTail will track the changes.
    Good luck! (personally I would just watch the command window itself...)

    (It took me a while to get the search terms to find this program: try windows log view real time)
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    Good prog, raffriff42! I can use that.

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  14. Thx Cornucopia, I though it was a pretty neat solution as well. I would not know what else to suggest (well I think I could write something in AutoHotkey, but I have no motivation for such an effort). Disappointed that the c**t has ignored my suggestion and started a new "progress bar" thread. Which I will be ignoring.
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  15. thanks but Lately I have been rather taken over by the transcoding issue in the other tread., solved only now. I have download BareTail but exactly I don't know how to use it and how to integrate it in a batch. Maybe each time that I start a batch I need to open it and poit a particular file to monitoring the transcoding? In this case it would be too machinious, or what its the solution?

    For example I have a folder with 200 MXF files to transcode: I like if appear a small windows that take the only essential informations e.g.:

    "Processing .... C0001.MXF

    ..... done

    Processing .... C0002.MXf

    ..... done

    Processing.... C00100.MXF

    ... done"

    OR (better):

    "Processing C0044.MXF ... 75% done"


    for human the percentage. For cats the progression bar, if possible
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