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    I'm using the MPV video player and I put in a line of code in the config file to define a hotkey that sends the currently showing subtitle text to Windows clipboard:

    Ctrl+x run "cmd.exe" "/d" "/c" "echo ${sub-text}|clip"

    NOTE: ${sub-text} is the current subtitle text property in MPV video player.

    While watching a video I can press Ctrl+x to send the current subtitle to clipboard but the problem is it only works for English (ansi). For Japanese subtitles, only a series of question marks are copied to clipboard, even though the player displays the Japanese characters correctly.

    Anything I need to change so that the properly encoded text can be sent to clipboard?

    (System:Windows 7)

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  2. Marsia Mariner
    I am no mpv expert, but apparently /probably you'll need to tell it to «export text as Unicode».
    Even though you should not have to do that.

    On Windows 7 and higher any decently-written application calls an appropriate font when the default / chosen font does not include the requested character set(s). Because Windows itself and TTF/OTF files use Unicode internally since ages ago.
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