Hello everybody. I have a rather strange problem going on that I'm hoping someone here can help me solve. I have several MKV files that would not stream to my phone or my PS4, they also would not play correctly in media player classic (audio but no video) but they would play correctly in VLC.

Using a single file as a test I converted from MKV to MP4 and I also changed the resolution and the video and audio bitrate to save a little space. The conversion did what I wanted, hard drive space was reduced and the test file will now stream properly and play in media player classic. I realize VLC is considered the gold standard by many I just prefer to use MPC.

However, even though the test file will now stream to my phone etc. without any trouble there is no runtime/length info (video plays but total file duration is all zeros), so I am unable to seek. Is there anyway I can add that info into the file or do I need to do something else to fix it?

Thanks for any info you can provide.