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  1. I will disagree here with you @Video Enthusiast. I have a few BDs that DVDFab cannot rip, something about the Java protections not being supported. I just find MakeMKV easier to use, doesn't cost anything if you use the beta key.

    I've now run into DVDFab building AVCHD discs improperly (they work on my computer, but not in my LG BD players and I'm about 99% sure that an LG BP550 and LG UBK90 both support AVCHD discs (Blu-ray structure compressed to a DVD)). The ones I have built through BDRB work successfully in these players. I have tried adjusting all of the settings but encounter the same results.

    Also, years ago I paid for the iTunes DRM Removal part and now that it doesn't work any longer (you need a specific version of iTunes which doesn't allow you to download new films), they basically have given up on it. The Cinavia module seems like it is supporting less and less titles compared to when I originally bought it.

    I just find that using MakeMKV and BD Rebuilder does a better job in most instances and is totally free. Cinavia is less of a problem now because they haven't used that on discs since about 2018-2019. For DVDs, I still use DVD Shrink when compressing to DVD5. FWIW, BD Rebuilder can also encode using Intel QuickSync or NVENC.
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  2. This program is a such a pile of dog crap. I tried using it to compress some Blu-rays quickly to watch at a friend's place and the new, compressed copies do nothing but sit and skip frames. I made sure Lightning Shrink and all the GPU-encoding options were OFF, so it is only using the CPU to encode. It's fast but the new discs are unwatchable because it skips frames. It's like the movie will stutter for a second then go again. I went back to using BD Rebuilder and MakeMKV. Much better tools and 100% free. It would be nice if BD Rebuilder could implement AMD GPU encoding to speed things up a bit, but whatever.
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  3. Originally Posted by C.C. 95 View Post
    If you are using a 4K tv - let THAT be your upconversion. Otherwise try Topaz AI for permanent upconversion.
    I disagree about software up conversion as it's not future proof. As hardware technology improves so does on the fly hardware up conversion. It's still best IMO to leave video in it's native res. Up conversion is only necessary for video projects if you are creating a documentary in 4K and need some of the footage to be up converted w/o showing black bars. For archival never up convert.
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