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  1. Hi all

    i cannot preview any video format in aegisub preview screen when i try to load video from Video > Open video...

    that what i get, as shown nothing opened in Preview section "Blue Box". it seems bugged somehow...

    [Attachment 42433 - Click to enlarge]

    i hope i get some some help here and thanks in advance.
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  2. Originally Posted by sneaker View Post
    Aegisub 2.1.9 is from 2012.
    Try latest "stable" (3.2.2) and/or trunk.
    i hope i can fix this version because it was working completely normal on my PC and i need it for my arabic subtitles editing
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  3. update:

    i have installed the the last version of Aegisub, but i have the same bug

    i hope anyone can help me or guide me where to ask...
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