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  1. I have a video.
    I have a subtitle (SRT/ASS) file.

    The subtitle file is accurate, and the duration of the lines is good.

    But all subtitle lines are 1.5~2 seconds delayed.

    Like this:

    I was wondering if there was a way to move all those subtitle lines 1.5~2 seconds back at the same time, instead of manually chance each line with a software like aegissub.
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  2. Originally Posted by videobruger View Post
    Subtitle Edit. CTRL+Shift+A

    This is perfect!!!

    Now the subs match the video, thanks a lot!
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  3. For the record: with Aegisub click "Timing"->"Shift Times..." (CTRL+I).
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    For the record: with Jubler, click "Tools"->"Shift Time...".
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