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  1. I'm thinking of upgrading my 6-core setup (single CPU) setup to a 2x8-core/CPU setup. I'm wondering what software will allow me to fully utilize all the cores.

    I've been using handbrake but I do not think it utilizes all the cores. I prefer software that is freeware but paid software is ok too if it's not to expensive.

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    I prefer Vidcoder, but Handbrake should utilize all cores. Vidcoder does on my 8 core CPU with MP4 encodes with close to 100% CPU on all cores.
    Vidcoder uses the Handbrake engine. Check your Task Manager for CPU utilization. Not sure about a 2X8 core setup, but it should also.
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  3. Handbrake uses ffmpeg, x264, x265, as well as libvpx, the first 3 are very well threaded and will easily load up 16 cores.

    Thing is, on the ultra fast preset x264 will not load up all the cores, not even loading up 8 virtual threads on a quad core HT Haswell encoding 1080p. A 4k x265 encode will certainly use all the threads a desktop pc can offer.
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  4. I use ripbot most days with an xeon 16 core haswell v3 cpu and that uses all cores at 100%
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    I know I have resurrected a old thread, but can VidCoder utilise all cores on, say, a 10 core CPU.
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  6. The above still applies.
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