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  1. I have the new rig all assembled with the exception
    of the video card (still waiting for the Gigabite RX560).

    Case -
    CPU -
    Mama/Board -
    PSU -
    Memory - DDR3

    In the test run, I disconnected the the HHD and turned on the power. The CPU cooler fan
    cycled fine, however, three other LED fans would very briefly stop (1/10 of a second) and
    resume only to repeat the same cycle. This went for other a one minute period.

    Not sure if this matters but the fans are 3 pins and the board system fans are 4 pin headers.

    Also, the fan of the PSU, is also not spinning.

    In addition, I checked the back of the mama/board and only the spacers provided
    by In Win were installed.

    I hope someone can be of helf, as I am a stump two legged computer builder.
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    Some PSU's only run the fan when the PSU gets warm enough. The Newegg link says the PSU has a 'Smart & Silent Fan Control' ,
    which may mean it is temperature controlled and the fan is off under light loads. My PSU does that.

    Three pin fans can use voltage control to change speed, depending on temperature. Four pin fans are usually PWM. (Pulse Width Modulated).
    PWM fans can stop completely with no problems. If a three pin fan does that, maybe it's being voltage controlled and stalls occasionally if
    the voltage is too low. Check your BIOS settings for the fan control settings. Either type of fan should work OK, though.

    Not sure about your MB standoff question. Most cases supply them in a little bag.
    All mounting holes on the MB should be used, even if you just use a plastic standoff to help support the MB.

    And welcome to our forums.
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