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  1. Hi,

    I would like to announce the availability of an open-source product named TSDuck.

    TSDuck is an extensible toolkit for MPEG/DVB transport streams. TSDuck is ideally used in digital television systems for test, monitoring, integration debug, lab, demo and more. In practice, TSDuck can be used for:
    • Transport stream acquisition or transmodulation.
    • Analyzing transport streams, visualizing the PSI/SI signalization.
    • Monitoring conditions on the stream.
    • Working on live transport streams, DVB-S/C/T, ASI, IP TV, or on offline transport stream files.
    • On-the-fly transformation or injection on the content and signalization.
    • Using specialized hardware such as cheap DVB tuners (USB, PCI, etc) or professional Dektec devices.
    • Emulating a CAS head-end using DVB SimulCrypt interfaces to ECMG or EMMG.
    • Content scrambling or descrambling.
    • And more...

    TSDuck is developed in C++ in a very modular architecture. It is easy to extend it through plugins. In fact, the primary requirement for TSDuck architecture was: When I want to do something TSDuck cannot do right now, I want the new feature to be implemented within a couple of hours. Most of the time, the target is reached.

    To be so easily extended, TSDuck needed to be simple. TSDuck is a collection of command line tools and plugins. There is no sophisticated GUI. Each utility or plugin performs only one elementary feature but they can be combined in any order.

    TSDuck is also a large collection of C++ classes to manipulate MPEG/DVB transport streams, data, tables, sections, etc. The TSDuck C++ library can be used by external applications.

    Binary installers are provided for the tools and plugins as well as for the development environment to use the TSDuck library from external applications.

    The TSDuck web site is

    It contains links to the source code, the binary installers, the user's documentation (PDF), the programmer's documentation (Doxygen).

    This is a framework I have developed in the last ten years for my own needs. So, everything here was useful at some point...

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  2. Great! Thank You very much - hope Your work will be able to fill gap on open source related to TS processing.
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