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    I discovered the software VirtualDub about 15 years ago and since then it's my favourite video-editing tool. I mainly use it for resizing and to fix bad video quality as much as possible.

    I've downloaded the 200+ filter package which includes some very handy functions. However it makes the list available filters very long and unorganised, so I want to delete the ones which are not very necessary. For example there are several filters which actually do quite the same, so I want to keep the best one and remove the rest.

    Can you advise me which filters you recommend to keep? (Perhabs you found another one somewhere else which wasn't in the package. Tell me about it if you think it's a cool one )


    Another thing. I recently discovered here on VirtualDub Filtermod. Very glad I did, because it ads functionality which lacks in the original. And then I hope it ain't necessary anymore to install codec packages like K-Lite Mega. I'll keep installing the lagarith lossless separately, because I want to use that codec on other software too. I don't encounter problems with the K-Lite codec package, however on a clean Windows system I want to use software portable as much as possible to prevent the Windows registry will get too spoilt which makes Windows slower and more instable.

    However I wonder now if some things are possible which I always thought they weren't:

    - Using 2-pass to convert videos using codecs like MPEG2, Xvid or x264
    - Using layers
    - Using (some) filters in a non-lineair way

    I would be gratefull if you can give me more information

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  2. ffdshow (many filters - color correction, noise reduction, subtitles, ...)
    Deshaker (video stabilization)
    Channel Mixer (swap RGB channels)
    Color Tools (video scopes)
    FadeFX (fade in/out)
    Add Frame Numbers
    Kagayaki (soft focus, bloom FX)
    Those are the only ones I use any more. For more advanced filtering (video restoration etc), it's better to learn AviSynth
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  3. gradation curves and color mill are useful for color work
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    Click image for larger version

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ID:	42395Thanks for the replies! Some I allready knew and some I didn't. The more tips the better, so I will keep looking in this topic.

    One favourite of mine myself is Pseudocolor. It also comes with a separate tool to make your own filters.
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