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  1. Hi all

    So there's a video on YouTube that I set via it's player to play at 1.5x faster. I downloaded it using 4K Video Downloader and now just want to mimic that same speed change in the saved .mkv file itself.

    I'm not real sure how to do this?

    I've tried setting the FPS for the video (in MKVToolnix) at 48fps (MediaInfo says the video portion of it is at 32.420 FPS) (32/2 = 16. 32 Bit + 16 = 48), but then the video seemed too fast, and the audio was still the same slow speed, and I'm also not sure what the delay speed change in milliseconds would be to match?

    Maybe I'm just going about this in too complicated of a way?

    Any help appreciated
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  2. Instead of the "fps" field try setting "Stretch by" to "2/3" for both audio and video. At least video should work good that way. With audio it may or may not work good depending on your player. Proper way would be to re-encode audio with a speedup using e.g. ffmpeg or SoX and then mux back.

    Can you link to the Youtube video? 32.420 fps is a strange value.
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  3. Hi Sneaker

    Thanks for your help. I haven't had the chance to try your advice yet, but just to answer your question, this is the video I'm having trouble with.
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