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  1. I have an HP 4540s. The DVD burner failed and I replaced it with a MATSHITA BD-MLT UJ265
    It will not copy every BluRay I put in it. I chalk this up to bad disks.
    It burns all type of blank BluRays and DVDs [ RW, BD-R, BDXL, BD-R DL, BD-RE ] fine.
    The bug is when I put a disk in the slot it kicks it back out.
    I have found a work around. If the disk is in when I boot up it will work fine.
    Sometimes after inserting a number of disks it will stop. The burner has no firmware updates so?
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    Did you try Uninstalling the drive and reinstalling ??
    Also check for a driver update.
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  3. Yes I uninstalled the drive, but there are no updates. There is no BOIS setting to change either. I think I will just have to stick with the boot trick
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