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    Hello everyone,
    I''m doing backups of my BRdiscs to HDD for my kid and since yestarday, i'm having an issue with virtualdub.
    It crashes all the time after the enconding starts. The pack of filters used is the same that i have already used for more than 20 movie backups etc. I don't understand why it's crasing right now.
    I'm doing a x264 encode at high 4.1 level and 720p..

    Here is the crash info from virtualdub:

    thank you

    VirtualDub FilterMod crash report -- build 40035 (release)

    65666920: 0f69d9 punpckhwd mm3, mm1
    65666923: 660fefe4 pxor xmm4, xmm4
    65666927: 660fefc9 pxor xmm1, xmm1
    6566692b: 660f61e0 punpcklwd xmm4, xmm0
    6566692f: 660f69c8 punpckhwd xmm1, xmm0
    65666933: 0f db 0fh
    65666934: 5b pop ebx
    65666935: e40f in al, 0fh
    65666937: 5b pop ebx
    65666938: c9 leave
    65666939: 0f db 0fh
    6566693a: 5b pop ebx
    6566693b: d20f ror byte ptr [edi], cl
    6566693d: 5b pop ebx
    6566693e: db db 0dbh
    6566693f: 0f59e5 mulps xmm4, xmm5
    65666942: 0f59cd mulps xmm1, xmm5
    65666945: 0f59d5 mulps xmm2, xmm5
    65666948: 0f59dd mulps xmm3, xmm5
    6566694b: 660f7f2490 movdqa [eax+edx*4], xmm4
    65666950: 660f7f1493 movdqa [ebx+edx*4], xmm2
    65666955: 660f7f4c9010 movdqa [eax+edx*4+10h], xmm1
    6566695b: 660f7f5c9310 movdqa [ebx+edx*4+10h], xmm3
    65666961: 83c208 add edx, 08h
    65666964: 7c8c jl 656668f2
    65666966: 5b pop ebx
    65666967: c3 ret
    65666968: 0f db 0fh
    65666969: 1f pop ds
    6566696a: 8400 test [eax], al
    6566696c: 0000 add [eax], al
    6566696e: 0000 add [eax], al
    65666970: 53 push ebx
    65666971: 56 push esi
    65666972: 57 push edi
    65666973: 55 push ebp
    65666974: 8b442414 mov eax, [esp+14h]
    65666978: 8b4c2418 mov ecx, [esp+18h]
    6566697c: 8b5104 mov edx, [ecx+04h]
    6566697f: 8b5908 mov ebx, [ecx+08h]
    65666982: 8b710c mov esi, [ecx+0ch]
    65666985: 8b7910 mov edi, [ecx+10h]
    65666988: 8b6914 mov ebp, [ecx+14h]
    6566698b: 8b09 mov ecx, [ecx]
    6566698d: 8b00 mov eax, [eax]
    6566698f: 29ca sub edx, ecx
    65666991: 29cb sub ebx, ecx
    65666993: 29ce sub esi, ecx
    65666995: 29cf sub edi, ecx
    65666997: 29cd sub ebp, ecx
    65666999: c5fa lds edi, edx
    6566699b: 6f outsd
    6566699c: 01c5 add ebp, eax
    6566699e: fa cli
    6566699f: 6f outsd
    656669a0: 0c11 or al, 11h
    656669a2: c5fa lds edi, edx
    656669a4: 6f outsd
    656669a5: 1419 adc al, 19h
    656669a7: c5fa lds edi, edx
    656669a9: 6f outsd
    656669aa: 1c31 sbb al, 31h
    656669ac: c5fa lds edi, edx <-- FAULT
    656669ae: 6f outsd
    656669af: 2439 and al, 39h
    656669b1: c5fa lds edi, edx
    656669b3: 6f outsd
    656669b4: 2c29 sub al, 29h
    656669b6: c5f8 lds edi, eax
    656669b8: 14f1 adc al, 0f1h
    656669ba: c5f8 lds edi, eax
    656669bc: 15c1c5e814 adc eax, 14e8c5c1
    656669c1: cb retf
    656669c2: c5e8 lds ebp, eax
    656669c4: 15d3c5d814 adc eax, 14d8c5d3
    656669c9: ddc5 ffree st(5)
    656669cb: d815e5c4e361 fcom dword ptr [61e3c4e5]
    656669d1: 0cee or al, 0eeh
    656669d3: 0cc5 or al, 0c5h
    656669d5: c816f1c5 enter f116, 0c5h
    656669d9: e012 loopnz 656669ed
    656669db: d9c4 fld st(4)
    656669dd: e359 jecxz59h
    656669df: 0cc8 or al, 0c8h
    656669e1: 0cc5 or al, 0c5h
    656669e3: f8 clc
    656669e4: 16 push ss
    656669e5: c2c5d8 ret d8c5
    656669e8: 12e2 adc ah, dl
    656669ea: c5f8 lds edi, eax
    656669ec: 1130 adc [eax], esi
    656669ee: c5f8 lds edi, eax
    656669f0: 116810 adc [eax+10h], ebp
    656669f3: c5f8 lds edi, eax
    656669f5: 115820 adc [eax+20h], ebx
    656669f8: c5f8 lds edi, eax
    656669fa: 114030 adc [eax+30h], eax
    656669fd: c5f8 lds edi, eax
    656669ff: 114840 adc [eax+40h], ecx
    65666a02: c5f8 lds edi, eax
    65666a04: 116050 adc [eax+50h], esp
    65666a07: 83c110 add ecx, 10h
    65666a0a: 83c060 add eax, 60h
    65666a0d: 836c241c04 sub dword ptr [esp+1ch], 04h
    65666a12: 7f85 jg 65666999
    65666a14: 5d pop ebp
    65666a15: 5f pop edi
    65666a16: 5e pop esi
    65666a17: 5b pop ebx
    65666a18: c3 ret
    65666a19: 0f db 0fh
    65666a1a: 1f pop ds
    65666a1b: 800000 add byte ptr [eax], 00h
    65666a1e: 0000 add [eax], al

    Built on Anton3 on Sat Jul 01 16:57:28 2017 using compiler version 1500

    Windows 6.1 (Windows 7 x64 build 7601) [Service Pack 1]
    Memory status: virtual free 1317M/2048M, commit limit 32645M, physical total 16324M

    EAX = 264c6020
    EBX = fac9bc00
    ECX = 07a449e0
    EDX = 027a3940
    EBP = f85bb620
    ESI = fdac74e8
    EDI = f86b9a20
    ESP = 21c9f3fc
    EIP = 656669ac
    EFLAGS = 00010283
    FPUCW = 027f
    FPUTW = ffff

    Crash reason: Access Violation

    Crash context:
    An out-of-bounds memory access (access violation) occurred in module 'avlib-1'...

    ...reading address 000FE400...

    ...while reading 1514 raw audio samples starting at 1041408 (stream length=284203920) (Audio.cpp:635)...

    ...while running thread "Dub-I/O" (thread.cpp:197).

    Pointer dumps:

    EAX 264c6020: 00000000 00000000 00000000 00000000 00000000 00000000 00000000 00000000
    ECX 07a449e0: bd7dbaff bd7ccaf3 bd7b7cea bd7a4a63 bd78f774 bd77b7e0 bd765a4f bd74943b
    EDX 027a3940: 00000000 00000000 00000000 00000000 00000000 00000000 00000000 00000000
    ESP 21c9f3f8: 00300000 056b7024 0554c260 056b6bc4 00000006 6565dc96 056b7024 056b6bc4
    21c9f418: 00000600 21c9f434 762002f4 0000002f 0000000c 0000000c 7620028d 21c9f448
    21c9f438: 7620029f 00000018 00000600 00000000 00000000 656155db 04c2eea0 00000000
    21c9f458: 0000000c 056b4040 00000600 00000000 21c9f5e8 65659fb9 0554c260 056b7024

    Thread call stack:
    656669ac: avlib-1!VDDriverProc [64c40000+130f0+a138bc]
    6565dc96: avlib-1!VDDriverProc [64c40000+130f0+a0aba6]
    762002f4: msvcrt!_aligned_offset_malloc [761d0000+302a9+4b]
    7620029f: msvcrt!_aligned_malloc [761d0000+3028d+12]
    656155db: avlib-1!VDDriverProc [64c40000+130f0+9c24eb]
    65659fb9: avlib-1!VDDriverProc [64c40000+130f0+a06ec9]
    6562f877: avlib-1!VDDriverProc [64c40000+130f0+9dc787]
    64c42d1b: avlib-1!00002d1b
    77913406: ntdll!RtlQueryPerformanceCounter [778e0000+32954+ab2]
    655b6445: avlib-1!VDDriverProc [64c40000+130f0+963355]
    7790e40c: ntdll!RtlInitUnicodeString [778e0000+2e2a8+164]
    7790e172: ntdll!RtlAllocateHeap [778e0000+2e0c6+ac]
    761da00b: msvcrt!memmove [761d0000+9e5a+1b1]
    64c4265c: avlib-1!0000265c
    64c433d5: avlib-1!000033d5
    0059e286: VDAudioSourcePlugin::_read()
    00583f8b: DubSource::read()
    0040cc26: AudioStreamSource::_Read()
    761d9d45: msvcrt!malloc [761d0000+9cee+57]
    6562dca4: avlib-1!VDDriverProc [64c40000+130f0+9dabb4]
    762002f4: msvcrt!_aligned_offset_malloc [761d0000+302a9+4b]
    6562ae9b: avlib-1!VDDriverProc [64c40000+130f0+9d7dab]
    77987f7d: ntdll!RtlWow64EnableFsRedirection [778e0000+a7e3b+142]
    77917856: ntdll!LdrUnlockLoaderLock [778e0000+36fb2+8a4]
    779177fb: ntdll!LdrUnlockLoaderLock [778e0000+36fb2+849]
    7790e0a3: ntdll!RtlFreeHeap [778e0000+2e025+7e]
    761d98cd: msvcrt!free [761d0000+9894+39]
    761d98da: msvcrt!free [761d0000+9894+46]
    0040bd12: AudioStream::Read()
    0041011c: AudioSubset::_Read()
    64c5097e: avlib-1!VirtualdubFilterModuleDeinit [64c40000+bf50+4a2e]
    655b6c77: avlib-1!VDDriverProc [64c40000+130f0+963b87]
    64c4d7c8: avlib-1!VirtualdubFilterModuleDeinit [64c40000+bf50+1878]
    64c4d87f: avlib-1!VirtualdubFilterModuleDeinit [64c40000+bf50+192f]
    0059b0a6: VDVideoSourcePlugin::_read()
    778ff9e9: ntdll!NtSetEvent [778e0000+1f9d4+15]
    772b0f05: KERNELBASE!SetEvent [772a0000+10ef5+10]
    005d9145: VDSignalBase:ignal()
    7790016d: ntdll!NtWaitForMultipleObjects [778e0000+20158+15]
    772b171a: KERNELBASE!WaitForMultipleObjectsEx [772a0000+1161a+100]
    772b1785: KERNELBASE!WaitForMultipleObjectsEx [772a0000+1161a+16b]
    0040bd12: AudioStream::Read()
    004441aa: VDAudioPipeline::BeginWrite()
    00433fd3: VDDubIOThread::MainAddAudioFrame()
    76cb41d8: kernel32!WaitForMultipleObjects [76ca0000+141c0+18]
    00444438: VDLoopThrottle:elay()
    004341e2: ?$VDRingBuffer::getSpace()
    004331a7: VDDubIOThread::ThreadRun()
    004034e6: VDProtectedAutoScope::VDProtectedAutoScope()
    005d9311: VDThread::StaticThreadStart()
    0070bf54: _callthreadstartex()
    0070bffc: _threadstartex@4()
    76cb336a: kernel32!BaseThreadInitThunk [76ca0000+13358+12]
    77919902: ntdll!RtlInitializeExceptionChain [778e0000+3989f+63]
    779198d5: ntdll!RtlInitializeExceptionChain [778e0000+3989f+36]

    -- End of report
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    I just found that the issue comes from the audio track.
    I tried to copy the stream and the error was still happening then I selected "no audio" and the conversion is going normally.
    What I don't understand it's why this error happens, the BRdisc was remuxed to MKV with makemkv with one video stream and one audio stream (AC3 5.1 640)..
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  3. Hi, I can debug it but please upload the source file which encounters the problem.
    Does it crash if you simply open and then press "preview output"?
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    Originally Posted by shekh View Post
    Hi, I can debug it but please upload the source file which encounters the problem.
    Does it crash if you simply open and then press "preview output"?
    No, actually, everything goes OK with import, preview, add filters, compression settings, etc.
    The issue comes after "the save as". the encoding starts OK and 1 or 2 mins after, it crashes.

    But as I said, maybe the issue is on the audio track because I selected "no audio" and the encoding goes perfect. The first pass is already done and no bugs...

    The source file is a BD Remux with almost 35gb...
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  5. Did you receive my PM? Unless I get a reproducible sample it will stay as is.
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    Originally Posted by shekh View Post
    Did you receive my PM? Unless I get a reproducible sample it will stay as is.
    Yes I received but I have no time before friday night to do this, I will upload a sample from the file to you.
    How do I do to send it to you?
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  7. Try or google drive
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    Or MediaFire.
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