I am running on a Windows machine.

I need to join several mp4 files that my camcorder split into 4GB files (though I don't know why since my SDcard is formatted in exFAT). No need for any transitions in-between or re-encoding or anything like that, they are one continious video and I just want to combine the files themselves into a single one, there should be no gaps from when my camcorder split them.

Would it be better to use mp4box or ffmpeg for this? Or is there another better solution?

I tried using mp4box but I can't figure out the proper syntax, everything I Google uses a different one. Namely, it's not clear if you should use -add for the first file and -cat for all the others, or just use -cat for all of the files.


MP4Box -add file1.mp4 -cat file2.mp4 -cat file3.mp4 -cat file4.mp4 -new output.mp4
MP4Box -cat file1.mp4 -cat file2.mp4 -cat file3.mp4 -cat file4.mp4 -new output.mp4

Is there even a difference between what would happen if I used one or the other?