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  1. i have a sony handy cam which i record up to 10 hrs on a 128gb SD card, i then view on my mac at X10 or more to skip through the video as quick as pos but looking for something vital to stop and screen shot, since i have up's the quality to the highest setting, i can no longer view on quick time anything more than X5 as it jumps and i miss what it is i'm looking for. i believe quicktime is no longer any good for this but is there another media player, even one i would have to pay for that i could watch HD quality clips without it jumping? any help would be much appr!!!!
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  2. you can not fast forward VLC only skip which means i still miss vital parts i'm looking for..
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  3. I can fast forward in VLC under Windows. It's smooth up to about 12x with 720p video.
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  4. ok, i have mine set higher for better freeze frame image, avoiding the ghost effect. thanks tho
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  5. How are you distinguishing between "skip" vs. "fast forward"?

    Note it's also partially a function of your display. What does your display refresh at ?

    e.g. 50Hz display , lets say you have 1 min of 50p footage (3000 frames)

    @ 10x speed, each frame is displayed for 2ms. That same 3000 frames is displayed over 6 seconds, but you only "see" 1 out of every 10 frames because of the 50Hz refresh. 90% of the frames are "skipped" or not displayed
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  6. Keep in mind that highly compressed video (h.264, h.265, etc.) can require quite a lot of CPU/GPU power to decompress. You will be limited by that, regardless of the player. And with long GOPs players will often skip ahead to the next keyframe when they fall behind. Your "ghost effect" comment makes it sound like you are playing interlaced video -- the deinterlacing is going to take even more power.
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