Hi all, i am having a bit of an annoying problem with windows 10 and mkv videos (more specifically mkv videos downloaded from youtube).
The issue is that windows try to display the thumb preview of newly downloaded mkv video but when it fails (always) it just hangs there trying to display it and the explorer gets unresponsive. The only solution is to log off and back on and NOT to open that specific folder again which have the mkv video.

This OS is running for almost 4 years (had win 7 then upgraded to 10, mirrored windows from hdd to ssd) and it have bunch of applications. I have been using Media Preview Configuration ever since Win 7 to make thumbnails for any video, i tried disabling mkv support but it doesn't fix the issue but rather make the thumbnail completely blank.

Any fix to this annoying problem? Oh and forgot to mention that mkv video file i have is a 4k video file (if it makes any difference).