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    Originally Posted by gll99 View Post
    The only thing I could find that is different when comparing the HD PVR2 1512 / 1519 and the HD PVR2 Gaming Edition Plus model 1504 is that they include an ir blaster cable with the 1519. I haven't found any other differences so far. I guess they assume you might want the channel changer feature. From what I read the software is the same and all the connectors seem the same. Not sure if they've dropped the green light with the newer gaming edition but I know the 1519 is blue like the 1212.

    The reason I was confused while researching the models and decided to post about the 2 GE versions is because I found many posts and youtube videos that seemed inconsistent with what I was reading about the GE plus and the 1519. Many people just called the model HD PVR2 and didn't make any distinction. Then I realized that they just released the 1519 and 1504 in early Feb 2013 but released the early version of the HD PVR2 GE model 1488 without the spdif connector late last summer.
    hi. one questions

    i have Hauppage GD PVR Game edition.
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    Please do not open another thread on a subject your already posted,this thread is closed.
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