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  1. Hi everybody,

    I need some help here, I added a subpiture track to a DVD and now I'm trying to modify the colours using DVDSubEdit.
    I've done this several times in the past but for some reason I'm stuck now.
    I change the colours, then apply the modifications to ALL the subs, then save.
    It looks fine in the preview window of the program but when I open the DVD with VLC I get all grey pixels (p,b,e1,e2).
    MPC-BE doesn't even detect there is a sub track.

    Any idea what could be the problem? I'm going nuts.
    Thank you.
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  2. Originally Posted by Instant Martian View Post
    I added a subpiture track to a DVD and now I'm trying to modify the colours using DVDSubEdit.
    How did you do it? And if you didn't have subs before, did you remember to 'turn them on' afterwards so the IFOs can see them? The color information is in the IFOs, so if you're not getting the colors you want (or if some players don't see any subs), that tells me you never 'turned them on'. Just having them in the VOBs isn't enough.

    Here's a short guide to doing just that. I'm covering all the bases but it's a simple matter just to turn on the subs for a DVD without them previously:

    If that part of the guide doesn't do anything or somehow isn't relevant, then go to the beginning of the guide and follow Baldrick's Method 2 to start all over.
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  3. As I said, it's not the first time I do this so I didn't go into details.
    The DVD is an episodic one and has no subs at all. I am adding a sub track only to the last episode.
    Here's how I did it:
    I demuxed video and audio tracks with PgcDemux, then remuxed them AND the .sup file with MuxMan, then replaced the cells with VobBlanker. After that I fired up PgcEdit and "turned them on", as you say.
    Then I edited the subs with DVDSubEdit.
    I don't get the colors from the IFO probably because there was no sub whatsoever in the first place.
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  4. I can't tell whether the problem is solved or not. If not, then how did you make the SUP file? I make SST files for use in Muxman using MaestroSBT. Does it play okay (except for the colors) after having been reauthored with Muxman? It's only after you add it back to the DVD that you have the problem?

    And you used PGCEdit to add the subtitle information and colors to the IFOs after you added the reauthored episode back to the DVD? Have you tried choosing the colors using PGCEdit rather than DVDSubEdit (although in this case I don't think it'll solve your propblem)?

    ...then replaced the cells with VobBlanker
    Cells? The episode doesn't have its own PGC (title)?
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  5. The problem is not solved, everything in post #3 I did it before posting the question.
    I made the SUP file with SubtitleCreator.
    After MuxMan subs work fine (even colours).
    Yes, the problem is after I add it to the DVD.
    Yes, I used PGCEdit to update the IFOs with the subtitle information.
    I did not add any color information in PGCEdit (if needed, I usually do that in DVDSubEdit).
    The DVD is structured like this: a single PGC title containing all the episoded, then one title for each episode that reuses cells from the "main" title. In a case like this I replace the modified cells in the "main" title because I don't know exactly what happens if reused cells/titles are replaced.
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  6. You don't replace reused cells.

    Your case in unusual, if not unique, because you've replaced subs for only one of the episodes. It's also unusual in that all the episodes are contained in a single PGC. The episode, which is it - 1st, 2nd, etc? And the subs timings, do they correspond to those of the episode? For example, if the episode is the 2nd and begins at about 25 minutes in, do the subs also begin sometime after 25 minutes? And the colors were fixed for the main PGC title, right? What you've described about the subs behavior in the first post, the same thing occurs whether playing all the episodes one after the other or just playing your subtitled episode?

    You might ask the PGCEdit developer R0lZ. He can be found at Doom9 (although he visits here sometimes) in the IFO/VOB Editors forum. He knows more about DVD structure than just about anyone I know.
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  7. From PGCEdit Manual:
    Colour Scheme Editor
    This is not the place to explain all there is about how colour schemes work in menus. For an excellent reference, see Suffice to say that you may define 3 colour schemes in each PGC and apply any one of these schemes to any particular button in the PGC. Colour Scheme 0 (the default scheme) is special, and cannot be edited by PgcEdit because it is defined in the VOB. Use DVDSubEdit to inspect or edit it.
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  8. I started all over again (same workflow), I noticed that if I play all the episodes in a row the subs are perfect, if I jump to the episode from menu subs are grey.
    Anyway, I just burned a DVD to test on the stand-alone player.
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  9. Aah, I think we're getting somewhere. The only problem is the subs when going directly to that episode? If so, now fix the colors for the PGC with your subs, the reused cells you mentioned earlier.

    If DVDSubEdit can't do it (I don't know as I don't use it for sub color fixes), use PGCEdit.
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  10. I did it, don't know exactly how but I did it.
    I had to use both PGCEdit and DVDSubedit.
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