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  1. Tried everything from IDM to ffmpeg to livestreamer but nothing works for downloading videos from this site please help
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  2. I found this software called Adownloader. It is not clear to me if it is always free or if there is some pay version. You don't seem to need a vpn to use it and download the video, even though I need a India vpn to play the stream video in a browser.
    Link to exe Adownloader:
    I don't know anything about this software, so I installed on a public computer. I was able to download the India video that the original poster wanted.
    Link to video:
    I have a screenshot (see below). You can see that there are different resolutions available.
    I would really appreciate if someone can comment on this software (Adownloader) and give its pros and cons. Is it safe to install on my own computer?
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