The other day a friend offered me a VCR. Probably because I'm the only one of her friends who still mentions VCRs.
When I finally got a chance to look at it I discovered it was a DMR ez48v! I'm pretty sure that was the model number I wrote down years ago... and here it is. Someone gave it to me!
Okay so it didn't have a remote or a manual or even a power cable, but we're working on those things.

Q: I have gotten it to record some of the digital channels on to DVD and the volume level is even lower than when I play a QAM digital channel directly through my television. Is there perhaps some setting that I have wrong? I really don't know anything about audio settings.

(Or for that matter anything that ends with I or p (video/resolution/whatever) I do know that the analog channels that I am still geting through my cable without a box are louder than the things I am getting QAM. But this is even less loud. The TV is turned up as high as it will go and pretty soon I'm going to have to shut off the air conditioner which really isn't that loud. Still it's nice to be able to record them now that they aren't playing any shows that I'm interested in )

Q: Also is there any on-screen counter or display timer? I'm kind of used to knowing how far I have gotten when I'm playing back and it's nice to know when you are actually recording. It helps to see a number moving somewhere.

(Last year I went on eBay and got a working Panasonic PVS 9670 to replace the one that died when my brother put a heavy computer that used to be my DVR but hasn't been for 2 years on top of it. I have carefully placed the new machine near the bottom of the stack because it weighs more than anything else.)