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    I have tons of videos here with Multiple Audio Languages at Subtitles , i was wondering if there are any programs that can remove the unwanted audio tracks and subs

    Using MKVextact and Mkvmerge is a bit of a hassle since there are almost 500+ videos

    or maybe there is an option to remove the audio from the source after extracting?
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    The only problem I see with automation, is tracks aren't always named appropriately and/or not in the same location (ie: English isn't always track 1 or default).

    It often doesn't mean much space savings, so unless the wrong audio track is set to default, I leave it be. In any case, I use MKVToolNix.
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  3. for %%a in (*.mkv) do mkvmerge -o "output\%%~na.mkv" --audio-tracks eng --subtitle-tracks eng "%%a"
    will only keep (in this example) the English audio and subtitle tracks.

    But like Krispy Kritter said it requires all track languages to be set correctly or it will mess up. And it doesn't detect if there is no work to do (i.e. if there are no non-English tracks).
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