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  1. is it true if you buy a new kaby lake processor you cant use windows 7 regards jovie
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    Microsoft doesn't support the use of Windows 7 with a Kaby Lake CPU. You may still be able to use a Kaby Lake CPU, but there is no guarantee that it will function correctly, and the system won't receive updates other than security updates. (There is a unsanctioned patch to enable updates:

    However, some publications have said that such a system could be somewhat unstable, and users may need to buy a discrete video card because Kaby Lake's iGPU won't work correctly, due to a lack of drivers. (The available Windows 7 iGPU drivers are beta software.)

    If someone needs to use Windows 7 for specific software, a VM may be a better way to go.
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  3. thank you for your reply shall have a long think before i decide which system to build next regards jovie
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