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  1. User has not allowed downloading of videos for their SproutVideo videos. When I examine the network on the video, there are a couple of files:

    1. A couple .ts files split up, but when you visit the download link, you download a corrupted file that is unplayable. I have tried joining them to no avail because they seem to be corrupted in the first place.
    2. 720.m3u8 (720 is the quality, could be 240, 720, etc)
    3. index.m3u8
    4. 720.key

    I wish I could provide access to the link to this video, but a membership is required. Anyone experience this before and would have any way to download?
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    Has it not occurred to you that if the user has not allowed downloading, he doesn't want you to be able to?
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  3. woot2,
    Look carefully at this thread (especially post #17):
    This sprouts video:
    (and maybe the video that you are trying to download) can likely be downloaded.
    In the above thread, I was able to download above video that "is not supposed to be downloadable" (per information on Sprouts website). Ponens and others helped me to successfully download it.
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  4. hello

    I am having this video and I need to download it , but I could not do that
    it is part of online course I have paid for it, but they allow only view not download, and I need to download it to be able to watch it offline

    these are the information that I could get about the video using network tab in developer tools

    The link for the video :
    The m3u8 url for the video :

    and this is the content of the .m3u8 file

    #EXT-X-KEY:METHOD=AES-128,URI="720.key",IV=0xec91fc8d2952f960684e67dd1fe e36ce

    and they are using encryption technique : TLS_ECDHE_RSA_WITH_AES_128_GCM_SHA256

    how can I download it please ?
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  5. I have Mac machine, could not download tubedigger
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