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    Just wondering if anyone can help me with this -

    Basically, what I'm trying to do is use a HackRF Software defined radio with my PC to modulate a DVB-T multiplex for distribution round my home cabling. This bit is all fine, but my question involves the input transport stream to be fed to the modulator -

    I want to take channels from a satellite transponder tuned with a DVB-S2 PC card as the input transport stream for the modulator, but the problem I have is that the modulator will need the transport stream to be padded to a certain constant bit rate with null packets for it to work properly. The software I use to tune the transponders and pass the TS automatically strips any null packets that are already in the stream.

    For a given transponder I can end up with a multi-programme TS that constantly varies in bitrate over time. What I want to do is pass this through some kind of real time tool that will pad the stream with null packets to be a constant bit rate (e.g 31.668Mbps to modulate to DVB-T 64QAM FEC: 7/8 GI: 1/32 - ). I need to be able to do this without any of the MPEG TS tables (PAT, SDT, EIT etc) being removed from the stream in the process. I've tried FFMPEG with muxrate but this seems to only pass the multiple video and audio tracks for each channel and strips the tables out of the stream.

    Thanks in advance!
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  2. AFAIK there is no ready to use solution in open source/freeware world - this is quie strange as i can imagine more complex problems than demultiplexing and multiplexing MPEG-TS but...
    Check but probably without writing something own you will be unable to complete your project.
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