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    Greetings ....

    There's a video download software called KeepVid Pro -- the trial version allows two free downloads, and the upgrade version (currently $ 30) allows unlimited downloads.

    Has anyone used this software? If yes, then please answer the following?

    1: Is it worthy enough to warrant buying?

    2: What sites does it work best on? This answer can be limited to about 40-50 of the commonly used sites.

    3: Does the installer file include any unwanted apps that I would not want or need?

    ALSO --

    If there is a software app other than KeepVid Pro that would work just as well or better, please let me know
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    Hello ..

    i use software to download videos from multiple websites .. especially YouTube videos .. it allow you to choose which quality you need for each .. or set fixed quality .

    its very good software .. and i use it with another browsers extensions such video download helper .. etc ..

    it merge ts chunks for you . it Support a lot of sites .. for complete list of supported sites check their website : or
    on customer support and help section .

    regarding questions :

    1- its worth the money and they update regularly the software as soon as bugs reported . there is huge crowd using their software unlike others .
    so you are safe with their software .

    2- it support almost every website .. as their currently supported matches with others unlisted supported sites .
    every site has grabbing technique .. they already have huge list so your potential to grab from unlisted sites is high and good .

    3- i never came across any third-party ado on or crap .. software is clean and decent interface . clear interface and easy to access buttons .. everything is well constructed .

    last prices for the keepvid pro (win)

    Family License (Lifetime 2 - 5 PCs) = $72.5
    Lifetime License (Lifetime 1 PC) = $29.95
    1 Year License (1 Year 1 PC) = $19.95

    Business License (Lifetime 21-50 PCs) = $290

    i am currently using their software nearly for 7 months and its very good .. using business license 50 PCs just in case i formatted the PC and wanted to reactivate the license more than onetime or more family PCs .

    if you want i advice you to get business license max 50 PCs ..and can get one for you licensed just for your email . at lower price .
    offering you the 290$ license for just 40$ (no crack , retail license for your email).. PM me if you want to save or have any related questions .. i can accept PayPal .. thank you .
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