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  1. I just transfer several miniDV tape through firewire as Type 1 DV avi files and all of them have corrupt audio data in them. I didn't know until I converted them to mp4 using Handbrake, the video and audio went out of sync and Virtualdub report can't read audio when saving.

    They look fine when you play the Type-1 DV avi files. I had to use Enosoft AVI repair tool on them before converting them to mp4.

    Funny thing is the the faulty avi files didn't go out of sync when I use Avisynth and AVStoDVD and convert them to DVD.
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  2. Save them as Type 2 DV-AVI.
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  3. Unfortunately Type-2 can cause audio and video going out of sync during capture which is worse.

    By the way, this only happens on digital recordings on miniDV tapes and probably digital8 tapes too. I never have this problem with analog 8mm tapes played on digital8 cameras. Does this mean the corrupted audio data is also on the tape?
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  4. I couldn't tell you as I cap VHS tapes through a Canopus box using WinDV. And never get out of synch audio.

    Maybe someone else can help.
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  5. It's not all miniDV tapes, just some. I thought someone can explain to me this phenomenon. I assume the data on the tape degraded and became corrupted and was transferred as is to the computer.

    Here is the post that vaporeon800 made on Type 2 DV files being out of sync. It happened to me when I transferred some analog 8mm tapes using Digital8 cameras.

    I have a ADVC300 and had problems with VHS video and audio going out of sync too when using Type-2 DV. Capturing as Type-1 fixes the problem. ADVC110 don't have this problem.
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  6. I have and use an ADVC-300 and, as I mentioned, the audio synch is good. That's one of the main reasons people use those overpriced boxes. If you get out of synch audio, then put it back in synch. It takes time but isn't all that difficult, in principle.
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  7. I found a workaround to prevent digital errors. Use the analog output of the camera and capture it that. No more audio errors.
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    You are losing quality that way due to the additional D/A and A/D (and who knows if they're calibrated right!).
    Get a better workaround (=better equipment, like Canopus/GV). I have done DV tape transfer for 2 decades and can count on one hand the number of dropped frames or corrupted streams/files.
    There is nothing inherently worse (though possibly better) about type 1 vs. type 2, but also type 2 when properly implemented on good hardware should not lose sync. EVER.

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  9. For digital tapes like Digital8 and miniDV, you don't need a capture device. The camera is connected directly to the computer/firewire adapter card. Maybe it's the cameras I'm using then but I doubt it. I'll only use the analog capture if I encounter DV audio errors.

    Edit: I captured as Type 2 AVI. The result is no sound which is worst than corrupted sound.
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