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  1. Greetings,

    I am in need of serious help on how to change subtitles in a video file. Basically, I want to change the subtitles to English. I am downloaded and installed MKV Merge GUI. I had the latest version at one point, but I installed an older version (v8.2.0 32 bit.) I have also used a couple of tutorials from YouTube that did not work. The language did not convert to English.

    Here are the links which I followed:

    I can change the audio to English with MKV Merge GUI, but I have been unsuccessful in setting up the English subs.

    Please assist me with this taxing matter.

    Thank you.
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  2. This is trivial. Drag/drop all your assets to the Source Files pane. Select the tracks you want to keep/discard in the Tracks, Chapters And Tags pane -- the checked ones will be kept, the others not. Press Start Multiplexing.
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  3. I have done before what you stated, and the end result is always the same. The English subtitles do not appear after muxing. I have attached results before I started muxing. If you notice, you will see that two boxes have been unchecked. This is because they are for German and Italian. Everything else is status quo.

    Also, when I uncheck the boxes for German and Italian, there is no audio on the created video file.
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  4. "AC3/EAC3" is the only audio track of the file (assuming the bottom of the list is just tags. I can't see it in your screenshot.). If you disable the AC3 tracks you will of course not have any audio. You also disabled the PGS format subtitles. The only subtitles left are of SubStationAlpa (SSA) format. If they "do not appear" in your video player it could mean: you haven't enabled/selected the SSA track in your player. Or your player does not support SSA subtitles. Or you otherwise did not set up your player correctly. Or the subtitles are empty at the points you are looking for them.
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  5. The subs do appear when I play the vid from the player. I can either insert an SRT, or, just click English.
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  6. It still does not work to change to show English subtitles.

    The first screenshot is to show you what it looks like after I add the file.

    The second I show the remaining tags tracks

    The third is English is set to yes default

    The fourth the German subs are no

    The fifth I added the movies SRT, and changed to English.

    Why is this not working?
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Name:	Capture 4.PNG
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  7. Which sub is not working? The SRT track? Does your player support SRT embed into mkv? Which player do you use? Is the SRT empty?
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  8. Neither sub is working.
    I use Movies & TV to play videos.
    I can append the SRT in Movies & TV, and the English subs show. I can use any SRT for that.
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  9. I'm not familiar with "Movies & TV". Probably the problem is there and not in mkvtoolnix. Maybe you can get some hints in the replies here. E.g. try setting through "CC" or try to install LAV Filters and use Codec Tweak Tool to make Microsoft software use it. (I don't know it that works)

    I just use MPC-HC.
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  10. Thanks for the help. It was definitely my player, Movies & TV.

    I installed MPC-HC, and the subs automatically appear. If they do not, I do not have a problem muxing with MKVMerge.
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  11. The subs show when I use MPC-HC, however, when I burn the file to a disc, the subs are not there.

    How do I get the subs to appear on the disc movie file?
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  12. If your player does not support embed .srt subtitles try to keep them as an extra file with the same file name as the movie (except file name extension, of course).

    If that doesn't work (and no other subtitle formats are accepted either - which is likely given SRT is the most basic format) you may need to hardcode them.
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  13. Thanks, I had to hardcode them. It worked with one of my video files, but the problem that I have is that for some of them the SRT is not available. I can search for it, but the when I use the SRT, it does not correspond with the movie. In other words, the timing is not in sync. For example, the actors are speaking and there is no sub text, other times there is sub text, and the actors are not speaking.

    Some SRT's have been provided when I download the movie. I use MPC - HC, and for some of the video files the subtitles automatically appear when I play the video. All that I have to do then is hardcode. But for the others, what should I do to get the correct SRT's display the subs at real movie time?

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