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  1. I am trying to rip a dvd onto my hard drive. The only freeware I could find that didn't leave a watermark or have a time limit was DVD Decrypter which, as some of you may know, transferred the data from the disc onto my computer as VOB files. I admit I know very little about this. Anyhow, I want to make a copy dvd, but don't want it to have subtitles. I also want to edit the video before burning it onto dvd which (I think) means converting it to avi or wmv files so I can edit it in Windows Movie Maker. When I just play the VOB file, the subtitles do not appear, but when I convert them to one of the above formats, oddly, they do appear. Can someone tell me how I can bypass this so as not to have subtitles on the finished product? Thanks.
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  2. Use DVDDecrypter to rip to a VIDEO_TS folder.
    Use MakeMKV to re-pack (re-mux) to a MKV file unticking the subtitles.
    Do the editing. (AviDemux)
    Author a DVD with the edited file.(AVStoDVD)
    Open the original DVD in VobBlanker and replace the video with the edited.

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