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  1. I've been using MPC-HC for years with the default options. I know I could use MadVR but I don't have the PC specs for that. I've been playing Bluray files for years without issues and Blurays in the same format like the short sample I've attached from Supergirl Season 1 Bluray episode 3. I've never seen judder like this before. On this particular episode it happens in the same places all the time and many times in an episode. Even the VideoRedo editor would play it with judder. I even tried saving the file in VideoRedo and lots of frames were removed.

    I've since played other Bluray MKVs and they play without issues. Just seems to be this file that has the issue. Also played in 24p on a Media Player connected to my TV and it still has judder. Can you please play the sample and let me know if you get the same issue. Any idea what's causing it? I noticed that it's High@L4.0 when other Blurays are High@L4.1.

    It's not normal judder, the video is freezing for a split second. Seems like the Bluray judder on a computer is a known problem for the Supergirl Bluray but some people have it working on an actual Bluray player connected to their TV. I don't have the discs any more so I can't play on a PS3. I re-encoded the video and it plays fine without judder.
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  2. Yes, I see it using MPC-HC/LAV + EVR (but not madvr) and also ffplay. Maybe is mkvtoolnix bug. I will ask dev.
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  3. Muxing using other muxers seems to be problematic as well. Do you still have the m2ts? How did you convert the disc to mkv?
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  5. It has been fixed in mkvtoolnix git. Please test the latest preview build (build number 01520 or higher). You need to demux the video track to elementary stream (e.g. using mkvextract) and then mux it using mkvmerge, though. Direct remux from mkv to mkv will not fix the video stream issue (you can directly remux audio and subtitles).

    For reference:
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    With madVr there is no problem, in VLC player is ever worst, i think it must be reencoded and not only remuxed.
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  7. I have spent many many hours trying to solve the problem of MPC-HC or MPC-BE using madVR juddering when playing videos, especially 4K videos to my 4K Samsung TV. AFter hours of experimentation it comes down to unmatched refresh rates that makes it jump every so often. My TV runs at 60fps and most films are 23.976fps.
    However, I have now discovered SMPlayer using mpv engine and without having to spend hours configuring as with madVR it woks smoothly on HD and 4K videos. Using the GPU (mine's an nVidia GTX1050 Ti) as the output. 4K HDR 10bit is no problem for SMPlayer.
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