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  1. I have an MKV with multiple audio tracks. I wanted to switch to the commentary track but only the default is available.

    FFmpegSource2("M12.mkv", vtrack=-1, atrack=-5, cache=true, cachefile="", fpsnum=24000, fpsden=1001, threads=1, timecodes="", seekmode=0, overwrite=False, width=-1, height=-1, resizer="BICUBIC", colorspace="", rffmode=0, adjustdelay=-1, utf8=False, varprefix="")

    It comes out with no sound. The commentary track would be Track 5 but it's not working here.
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  2. Read the manual.

    setting atrack <= -2 means audio is disabled.
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    well, i think you may need a converter to help you to turn audio track or change some parameters
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