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  1. Can someone pls tell me what this means and if I should worry?

    [libx264 @ 00000000035f1fe0] direct=auto not used on the first pass
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  2. It means you didn't use direct auto on the first pass but activated it in a following pass. You shouldn't do that but it's not the end of the world.
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  3. Thanks. That is very strange though because I did not include it in the second pass either unless there is some other option that implicitly invokes it. I use the x264 BD authoring guide, and there is no direct=auto option in any of those examples. Not sure how this crept into my scripts.
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  4. Presets slow to placebo imply direct auto but irregardless of the pass. So you must have set different settings explicitly.
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  5. I did not know that. Thanks. Since my preset is veryslow, the question is now, what option is turning it off? I guess I will just add direct=auto to my script.
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  6. Originally Posted by SameSelf View Post
    what option is turning it off?
    You must have done it.
    Maybe you ran the first pass with a different preset and the stat file was still there?

    Either way it's your fault. Just delete the stats files, do a proper 1st/2nd pass and the problem will be gone. If not post the complete command-lines and logs.
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